Ft Kearny Rec Area

August 9, 2023 · Philip Rosenberg-Watt


Also charger is not charging house battery even though it’s plugged in. Tapping on it seemed to work… for now. Land of Memories Park in Mankato, MN

August 7, 2023 · Philip Rosenberg-Watt


Inverter would not turn on after driving all day and arriving at campsite. Very frustrating. Some train horn noise at Land of Memories Park, but only medium distance.

August 6, 2023 · Philip Rosenberg-Watt


July 24, 2023 · Philip Rosenberg-Watt


July 22, 2023 · Philip Rosenberg-Watt


Pictures of some gear installed in the bath Double shower dispenser Perfect spot right below the mirror (make sure the sink has enough clearance). Would have put them higher but my hand needs room to grab the mirror and pull it out. Also leaves room to hang small items from the mirror. Toothbrush holders Just fits between the sink and the wall. May not fit there in other vans, depending on how it was assembled....

July 13, 2023 · Philip Rosenberg-Watt


I’m noticing that the inverter shuts off every so often and I can’t get it to come back on. Watching this Facebook post to see if replacing the 9-pin Soul SeeLevel module with a 7-pin module will fix it? Installed curtain track and a curtain. Considering installing the other one somewhere between the galley and the bath for a little changing area, but not sure about where to put the track....

July 9, 2023 · Philip Rosenberg-Watt


The skillet makes pretty good fried eggs. 🙂 Or maybe I do and the skillet is a decent tool. Here is a helpful video to fix the issue of the house battery not charging when the engine is on: I only have one bit of information to add: make sure there is a tight physical connection between the wires. Electrical tape will not hold over time (even though I also used it as a temporary fix)....

July 7, 2023 · Philip Rosenberg-Watt


Putting in another order for some gear from Amazon Package 1 Folding broom 10-piece Rubbermaid food storage set Package 2 5-piece and 3-piece rope basket sets Double wall mount shower pump Until I can work out a vertical tension arm for the paper towel holder, I will be mounting it horizontally. Yes, it will stick out into the key hook hanging area, but hook #3 still has enough clearance to hang a small towel on it....

July 6, 2023 · Philip Rosenberg-Watt


Some Amazon packages showed up today: Package 1 Package 2 Here are some pictures of the silicone table mat: I don’t know if this is where we will keep it permanently, but the folding camp table fits just right in the storage area behind the rear bench seat.

July 2, 2023 · Philip Rosenberg-Watt