Took Vandy Patinkin in to Windish RV Service for a long list of items: Weather strip on pop top - coming up in right corner Generator overheat warning - random Rear overhead touch LED light not working Jump seat window cover too big Sliding door window cover too small Rear roll down cover not long enough Sliding door kick panel broken Is the bath vent fan supposed to be so noisy?...

October 17, 2023 · Philip Rosenberg-Watt


Pictures of some gear installed in the bath Double shower dispenser Perfect spot right below the mirror (make sure the sink has enough clearance). Would have put them higher but my hand needs room to grab the mirror and pull it out. Also leaves room to hang small items from the mirror. Toothbrush holders Just fits between the sink and the wall. May not fit there in other vans, depending on how it was assembled....

July 13, 2023 · Philip Rosenberg-Watt


The spatula makes fried eggs much better. IKEA shopping list: 18" x 24" entry mat curtain drawer organizers mirror? soft sided containers tissue box holder? carpet runner? Baby mirror? Dimensions Drawers Under sink 7.5" w - 18.5" w 11" d - 5" d 3 1/8” - 5 1/4” h Two below that 18.5" w 14" d 5.5" h Below cooktop drawer 13.5" w 14" d 5.5" h Cabinets Above sink 6" d 18" w Above microwave 10" d 23" w Below fridge 18" w 9....

July 8, 2023 · Philip Rosenberg-Watt


Some more boxes arrived today from Amazon Package 3 Package 5 Package 6 I can verify that the two pot set does work on our indoor induction cooktop. This was the most questionable item, since some information on Amazon seemed to indicate that it would not work with induction cooktops. Fortunately it does. Verify with van’s cooktop. I can also verify that the skillet also works with our indoor induction cooktop....

July 5, 2023 · Philip Rosenberg-Watt

Maiden Voyage

Packing list and itinerary for shakedown voyage Rent car to get to Airstream of Greensboro 190 miles round trip CLT -> Airstream of Greensboro -> CLT Turo search Kayak search UberXL or Lyft about $180 Sign and return paperwork (overnighted via UPS) with $10K certified check to Airstream of Tampa PDI Checklist Inspect roof for dents and sealant around all roof-mounted components. Check all window covers for proper fit. ordering new back door flap and cover for sliding door via Airstream of Greensboro Check that bathroom mirror is installed....

Philip Rosenberg-Watt

Paper towel holder

Paper towel holder Another simplehuman design Plan is to put it somewhere above the sink in the galley. There should be enough room up there…. See it installed here

Philip Rosenberg-Watt