Another Amazon order today, this time only one item, a long(er) USB-A to USB-C charge cable. Package 1 Belkin USB-C to USB-A 2M cable This Review of the Airstream Rangeline by Lynda is right on. - I totally agree with the electrical issues being frustrating. My inverter sometimes just stops working. It’s like Airstream didn’t do any testing at all. This a completely unacceptable way to make a product. - Note: It has 200 Watts of power, not 200 Amps....

July 12, 2023 · Philip Rosenberg-Watt


The skillet makes pretty good fried eggs. 🙂 Or maybe I do and the skillet is a decent tool. Here is a helpful video to fix the issue of the house battery not charging when the engine is on: I only have one bit of information to add: make sure there is a tight physical connection between the wires. Electrical tape will not hold over time (even though I also used it as a temporary fix)....

July 7, 2023 · Philip Rosenberg-Watt


There are two Facebook groups 🙄 Airstream RANGELINE owners and wannabees group (public group) Airstream Rangeline Wannabes and Owners (private group) Melvin from Firefly says that the fix for the generator randomly shutting off: We had report of another coach doing the exact same thing as yours, the gen would run for seconds to minutes and then shut down but would run indefinitely when disconnected from the Firefly system. We heard back from the dealership, and they replied:...

June 28, 2023 · Philip Rosenberg-Watt


Fixed the B-pillar connector with the proper part (not hotwired anymore).

June 26, 2023 · Philip Rosenberg-Watt


DIP switches near J3 connector on Firefly generator bridge Should both be in “OFF” position since 180-ohm network terminator is between J3 jumper cable and wire that runs to generator data interface, as per Melvin. Fixed inability of black plastic driver’s footwell trim to be fastened down correctly. Airstream’s black-fabric covered metal trim piece was too wide, so I had to purchase tin snips and trim them to the right width....

June 24, 2023 · Philip Rosenberg-Watt


Reset house battery SOC: We may need to reset your SOC. This will consist of running the the battery down to 11V. Once the battery is down, plug the unit into shore to charge back up. Once the charge rate from bulk to absorb charge, unplug it, kill ht power and let the unit sit for 10 minutes. Once you turn the unit back on the SOC should be reset....

June 22, 2023 · Philip Rosenberg-Watt


B-pillar upfitter accessory connector Stellantis calls this the Ram ProMaster Upfit Interface Connector Ordered correct B-pillar connector connector 350218-1 MATE-N-LOK connector

June 20, 2023 · Philip Rosenberg-Watt


Yesterday the Inverter/Charger stopped working for some reason and I lost all shore power. Powering off everything and restarting the system didn’t fix it. This morning I did fix it by taking apart the SmartPlug power receptacle on the outside and tightening the wire connectors, which were loose! I used a Phillips screwdriver and a 1/8" Allen wrench. At least it wasn’t a software bug this time, but come on!...

Philip Rosenberg-Watt