Facebook group suggestion: this fan cover gets a good review for reducing road noise while driving. We’ll have to try this out.

June 5, 2024 · Philip Rosenberg-Watt


I ordered a label maker from Amazon. I’m going to generate QR codes that will link to an online inventory management system to help us keep track of items. The inventory management system is not something commercially available, you have to host it yourself.

February 26, 2024 · Philip Rosenberg-Watt


Another Amazon order today, this time only one item, a long(er) USB-A to USB-C charge cable. Package 1 Belkin USB-C to USB-A 2M cable This Review of the Airstream Rangeline by Lynda is right on. - I totally agree with the electrical issues being frustrating. My inverter sometimes just stops working. It’s like Airstream didn’t do any testing at all. This a completely unacceptable way to make a product. - Note: It has 200 Watts of power, not 200 Amps....

July 12, 2023 · Philip Rosenberg-Watt


http://coach-net.com/airstream/ Put in another Amazon order Package 1 Aeropress Package 2 Molle glove pouch Purchased some gear ties to keep the hoses on the back doors.

July 11, 2023 · Philip Rosenberg-Watt


Putting in another order for some gear from Amazon Package 1 Folding broom 10-piece Rubbermaid food storage set Package 2 5-piece and 3-piece rope basket sets Double wall mount shower pump Until I can work out a vertical tension arm for the paper towel holder, I will be mounting it horizontally. Yes, it will stick out into the key hook hanging area, but hook #3 still has enough clearance to hang a small towel on it....

July 6, 2023 · Philip Rosenberg-Watt


Some more boxes arrived today from Amazon Package 3 Package 5 Package 6 I can verify that the two pot set does work on our indoor induction cooktop. This was the most questionable item, since some information on Amazon seemed to indicate that it would not work with induction cooktops. Fortunately it does. Verify with van’s cooktop. I can also verify that the skillet also works with our indoor induction cooktop....

July 5, 2023 · Philip Rosenberg-Watt


Some Amazon packages showed up today: Package 1 Package 2 Here are some pictures of the silicone table mat: I don’t know if this is where we will keep it permanently, but the folding camp table fits just right in the storage area behind the rear bench seat.

July 2, 2023 · Philip Rosenberg-Watt


Order various items from Amazon: Package 1 Silicone table mat Package 2 Folding camp table Package 3 Outdoor mat 10" skillet with detachable handle Package 4 Spatula Black flexible curtain track 18" x 23" gray silicone mat USB vacuum Locator dots Silicone toiletry bottles with suction cups Unbreakable microwavable mug Test light Package 5 Kitchen shears Paper towel holder Shower caddy set Single soap dispenser Clip on food strainer Triple shower dispenser Seat belt pads Package 6 Toothbrush holders Wall organizers Two pot set with removable handle Other Other items that have worked so far:...

June 30, 2023 · Philip Rosenberg-Watt


Aeropress I don’t drink coffee but this looks really cool and innovative for the coffee drinker in the house. We use it almost every day, even when at home.

Philip Rosenberg-Watt

Coffee dripper

Collapsible pour over coffee dripper because space is always at a premium

Philip Rosenberg-Watt