• Packing list and itinerary for shakedown voyage
  • Rent car to get to Airstream of Greensboro
  • Sign and return paperwork (overnighted via UPS) with $10K certified check to Airstream of Tampa

PDI Checklist

  • Inspect roof for dents and sealant around all roof-mounted components.
  • Check all window covers for proper fit.
    • ordering new back door flap and cover for sliding door via Airstream of Greensboro
  • Check that bathroom mirror is installed.
  • Check Air Conditioner vents, make sure they both open and close.
  • Verify that the van door locks work.
  • Check that the DC to DC converter is working. Does the house battery pick up a charge with van engine running?
  • Verify input from solar panels. Even on a perfect sunny day, expect to see 40 to 80 watts
  • Timberline: check tank level make sure it’s 5 or above before and after running system.
  • Timberline: running with shore or generator, turn Element only on. Tank should heat up to ~185 degrees F. Run hot water; watch temperature drop. Turn off element and disconnect shore power or generator power. Turn on Burner - should hear fuel pump tank; should heat up to ~195 degrees F.
  • Run Heater, both zones.
  • Run Air Conditioner
  • Check water supply fitting on back of toilet to make sure it’s not leaking.
  • Check all drawers for latches.
  • Check quality of dining room table, look for cracks in molding.
  • Check drawers under sink for water.
  • Check kitchen sink drain for leaks.
  • check the sensor for front seats when turned and put back
  • check generator charging the house battery
  • check the spray foam under the chassis where the wires and utilities go in and out of the vehicle
    • “We could see the ground through the vent under the bed where the electronics vent. And we could have fit our hand in the hole. And had another big hole by the sewer hose connection.”

  • check pizza oven for leaks/water, sealing around front marker lamps, vent fan
  • check sockets under middle seat and power bar on kitchen counter has power when generator starts
  • Check the outlets at the back are powered up when inverters are on
  • Check all outlets have power when plugged into shore power
  • check bathroom wall joints for gaps
  • test MIRA app. Download and test if all data points load. Walk away and let app disconnect and come back to van and see if it reconnects
  • make sure your fresh water tank fill point has a breather/overflow port.
  • check side window cover size (not too short?)
  • take a close look at the “upgraded” seat covers.

    I didn’t look at them too closely during our presale process, but both the driver and passenger seats have noticeable gaps in the material as well as other issues that need to be addressed.

  • Upper bathroom door track screws - open/close door all the way

Fix list