Just returned from a 4,026 mile road trip through 13 states.

  • Van performed quite well and averaged 15.6 mpg spending $908.30 on gas.
  • Occasionally the ACC would be temporarily disabled, no clue as to why.
  • One time in slow traffic the ACC lost track of the car in front of us and started to accelerate into them.
    • This happened one time before on the drive back home from Airstream of Greensboro, also in slow traffic.
  • No problems with the van but the inverter/charger was a problem. Other systems worked well.
  • The 5 and 3 piece rope basket sets fit perfectly in the dinette overhead cabinets and the cabinet over the microwave, respectively.
  • After doing an update (update config) from the VegaTouch Mira app, the app now works! Amazing!