Another Amazon order today, this time only one item, a long(er) USB-A to USB-C charge cable.

Package 1

This Review of the Airstream Rangeline by Lynda is right on. - I totally agree with the electrical issues being frustrating. My inverter sometimes just stops working. It’s like Airstream didn’t do any testing at all. This a completely unacceptable way to make a product. - Note: It has 200 Watts of power, not 200 Amps. That would be a huge solar panel! - Note: Airstream produced the B-panel connector with two female connectors. I’ve found someone else’s video fix and documented my solution.

  • 14:15 It’s been plugged in all day and the A/C is still working, but now it says there’s no charge to the house battery and the inverter is off (not passthru).
  • Installed the double shower dispenser under the bath mirror. Fits perfectly
    • Share some pics