Epson LABELWORKS LW-PX800 Industrial Wireless Label Maker

My research initially led me to Brother label printers, but I thought I’d try the Epson models, for a few reasons:

  • They have an amazing warranty.
  • They seem to waste less tape.
  • They have some good label tape materials available.

I’m a bit disappointed they don’t have iron-on or reflective label tape available. Those would be really useful. Ah well, maybe in the future.

Brother does win in one area, and that’s with the software. Brother’s software can use a .csv file as a database, and when you link a label to this database, it reloads it every time you open the label file. I can edit the .csv file and I don’t have to re-import it every time the data changes. Epson’s software does not do that, and forces me to re-import the .csv file manually when the data changes. Every … single … time … 😛